Herbal Home Remedies For The Treatment of Rats


The most efficient pest control for a rat problem that has existed for very long is to change the structure to exclude the rat or disrupt the rats routine. Rats are trappable (raw bacon) if the rat does not feel at home and has become wary of new things. The best way to make the rat feel not at home is to improve the integrity of the structure. Rat snap traps are still available at hardware stores but protect them from domestic animals and children. These traps are powerful enough that they could hurt a nose or little finger.

Natural homeremedy for rat – Place mouse traps in the areas, where you think the creatures rest. You can use both, live and snap traps to catch the rats and mice. These are effective, when made tempting with foods like banana, bread and cheese. Set free the living rat or mouse far away from the places of residence.   This will give get rid from rats.

Catching rats In The Land Around Your Home

Herbal homeremedy for rats – Start by keeping your garbage as far from your building as possible. Try not to leave garbage bags exposed on the ground. This will prevent from rats.

I have an infestation of rats. Have set traps and caught several in my storage shed, but don’t seem to be getting rid of rats. I have thought about the commercial type poison baits, but have dogs and a cat.

I ordered the Rat Zapper and in 27 hours had done away with 10 mice. No messy cleanup, no smell, no fuss. No worry about the dog getting poisoned and it was easy mouse disposal. I was really impressed.

Natural home remedy for rat using Sowbug Traps

Simple home remedy for rats – 1 small plastic container with lid, 2 Tbsp. cornmeal – Cut a small hole at the base of the container, large enough and close enough to the bottom to allow sowbugs to climb in. Place cornmeal in container. Place container into area infested with sowbugs. After feeding on the cornmeal, the bugs will drink and then explode! (Replace cornmeal frequently.) This will completely removes mice from your home.

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