Herbal Home Remedies For The Treatment of Mice

There are many different solutions for getting rid of mice in an apartment. Traps, poison, and various other home remedies have proven effective in certain situations. It’s up to you to decide which best suits your style.

Herbal home remedy for mice – I thought this was about how to CURE mice of mites. Anywho, you should probably try the have-a-heart method and not hurt the mice. You can’t get special kinds of mouse-traps that don’t kill the mice.

Good home remedy for mice – A garbage can can produce a thousand flies a week if it is not sealed properly. Flies detest oil of lavender. If you soak a cotton ball in the oil and put it in the garbage can at the beginning of your week, the flies should stay away. Oil of clove and mint sprigs are also good fly repellents. They will prevent form mice.

Traditional home remedy for mice – The essential oils such as peppermint, mothballs, ammonia and onion have been known to drive mice away. Some people even say fox urine will send your mice packin’ because the fox is a natural predator of mice.

Natural home remedy for mice using Mashed Potatoes
Simple home remedy for mice -Mashed Potatoes (instant variety) – Place instant mashed potatoes near where you suspect the mice are hiding. They will eat the potatoes which will swell up in their tiny stomachs before they can be digested, thereby killing the mice. Unfortunately, they will probably die in the walls which may produce a smell.

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