Natural ways to spruce up your home

There are a lot of homes with very funny smell to them.  Immediately you get into the house and the smell fills your nostrils. The homeowners have become so familiar with the odor that they don’t even notice the smell anymore. The question has always been asked, how can one keep his or her home free of smell or have a good natural smell.

Here are natural ways to spruce up your home from a bad smell to a more pleasant smell.

Try a Diffuser for all the rooms

Diffusers are really easy to use; all that is needed is to just fill the diffuser with water and add a few drops that you have of essential oil. Immediately it is turned on, creating a light mist, which transports the perfume of the essential oil throughout the air in the house.  It’s one of the easiest natural ways to get your home smelling fresh.  We encourage you to read more about oil diffusers if you’re unfamiliar with them, because they’re super simple to use and implement.

Freshen your bathroom by using a natural scented toilet paper

There are different ways to use the essential oil which can keep your home well perfumed. Dipping a cotton bud into the essential oil is another way. After dipping it into the oil, you can, you can fasten it to your toilet paper or just put it behind the towel bowl. This will practically transform the smell into something more pleasant.

You need to clean your garbage disposal

This is really a bad habit that many people have. Most people don’t wash their garbage or trash tanks after disposing their trash. If you notice that the garbage is still giving out a smell from last night, you can run some lemon or orange peels to eliminate the odor.

Try a homemade deodorizing carpet powder

Many people have over looked the ability of carpets to trap unwanted smells and one of the things you can do is to make your own deodorizing carpet powder, or if you decide to buy some, you can sprinkle them on the carpet then wait for a few minutes. After that you just vacuum as usual.  This powder will not just help pick up dirt but also leaves behind a light refreshing smell that isn’t too much.

Air Purifying Plants

There are several plants that have the ability to absorb odor in the air. Most people who know about plants, or are horticulturists, actually keep plants in their apartments, just to refresh the air. Some plants like the palm trees, Orchids, and Peace Lilies are some of the best plants that can be used to spruce up your apartment. The soft pleasant smell that the plant brings helps to purify the air and introduce a more acceptable fragrance.

Now you know several ways that you can change the smell in your apartment, whether the smell is bad or you just want something different, any of these tips will go a long way in helping you achieve that.