Natural home remedies to help with neck and back pain

Neck and back pains are two major types of pains that people mostly suffer from as they grow old. The reason is that most of the people stop exercising and they do not wish for activeness anymore as they get older.

The back pain is usually due to longer periods of sitting at one place while neck pain is usually due to inappropriate posture and jerking motion of neck while doing some exercise. In the neck, the Cervical Spine is very delicate which houses the spinal cord inside the body.

A lot of remedies are available in medical for such pains but these issues are better to solve with natural ways.

The reason is that these pains are not poisonous and dangerous for short periods of time, they are long term pains which can only be treated with proper exercise and care.

Here are some really cool home remedies that will help you a lot in recovering from neck and back pains.

Ice and Heat

Ice is a great item for relieving pain. It stops the swelling of affected area and also it provides quick relief. You can wrap an ice cube in the towel and you can lay that cube on the painful areas for better results.

You should continue this process for at least 20 minutes and then you can put the ice away. After that, you can exercise after some rest. At night, you need to use the heat so that you can get rid of painful spasms.

You can use some plastic or some plain stone and then heat it in the fire. After that, when the stone cools down a little bit then put that stone inside some towel and you can touch it with your body frequently to stop the spasm.

You should care about not burning your body while going through this process.

Perfect Posture

It is a strategy to sit or stand in such a position where you feel minimum stress on your neck or back. Once you find that posture, you can do some stretching exercises in that posture to support your body.

It will help you in making the muscles more powerful and the strength of muscles will help you in relieving the pain fast. Walking is also essential but make sure that you keep a good posture while walking so you feel less pain in your neck or back.

Rise and Shine

This is basically an exercise for muscles strength. When you wake up in the morning, put your hands behind your head and go up and down while lying flat on the bed.

This will help you in relieving the pain faster and you will feel the good strength in your muscles for the whole day.