Herbal Home Remedies For Spiders

Simple home remedy for spider – I am HIGHLY allergic to spiders so I ran out of there like someone on fire and called hubby who told me to shut the door and he would get some spray at lunch and spray the room. However, I am thinking that isn’t going to work. My neighbor next to the store came over this morning and I was telling her and she said she had a outbreak of them too and had to pay someone to come and spray and it took them several trips to get rid of them all spiders.

How essential oils are useful for the spiders control?

Rose oil
Citronella Oil
Lavender Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Peppermint Oil
Citrus Oil
Tea Tree Oil
any of the above oils will kill spiders and other insects on contact!

Natural home remedy for spiders using mint spray

Here are a couple natural remedies that could help to remove spiders somewhat. Victors sells the glue traps and also a natural mint spray. I have personally used the glue traps with some success, especially near the garage doors and along walls and corners, etc. It is non-toxic. These glue traps really work great for me…they catch all kinds of critters. Spiders tend to go into the traps after the bugs.

Change them out periodically, because they will fill up. [Moth balls are very toxic. Don’t use them ever for anything.] Evidently the mint spray of Victors will “shoo” spiders away, but I haven’t tried it. Mint is effective against quite a few critters.

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