Silverfish – Home Treatment

Silverfish and firebrats have flat, elongated bodies 1/3 to 3/4 inch long and broad near the head, tapering toward the rear-somewhat “carrot” shaped. Silverfish are gray to green in color and prefer temperatures around 80°F while firebrats have a mottled black and white appearance and like it hotter at a toasty 100°F. The silverfish lives and develops in damp, cool places (prefers 75 to 95 percent relative humidity), often in the basement, bathroom and kitchen.

Herbal home remedies of Silverfish
The best repellent is cucumber peelings! Use a knife (not a potato peeler) so you make the “strips” of peeling a little thicker. Then put 2 or more strips in each cabinet section, or on closet floors. In a basement you can lay a strip every couple of feet. Once the strips dry up, replace them if you still have the bugs.This is beneficial for the treatment for silverfish.

Treatments for silverfish control need to be applied thoroughly to all potential hiding places such as cracks, crevices, inside floor moldings, around steam and water pipes, in and behind seldom moved furniture, closets and even attics. It may be necessary to drill small holes in the walls to treat large populations in wall voids. This will completely remove silverfish.

One of the best home remedy for silverfish – Try dusting or spraying. Go to a home and garden store and choose from a variety of products that are made for this purpose. Many experts report that dusting is more effective than spraying, but you still may need several applications.

Control Silverfish
A residual perimeter treatment of insecticide will be sufficient for eradicating a small silverfish population.

Simple home remedy for silverfish – Add organic matter to soils as manures, composts and mulches – to encourage microbes that attack plant pathogens and to supply nutrients to plants keeping them vigorous and healthy. This will prevent from silverfish.

Effective home remedy for silverfish – Fill the bowl with a cup of water and begin mixing in flour until you have a paste with a consistency similar to thin paint.
Coat both sides of several index cards with the mixture and allow them to dry.
Place the dried index cards in areas believed to be frequented by the silverfish or firebrats.

Dehumidifying agents for Silverfish
Dehumidifying reduces the moisture content of the air that these insects find essential. Some methods for dehumidifying include:

  • Mend leaking pipes.
  • Ventilate closed rooms and attics.

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