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Top 5 Best Recliners for Back Pain

Today, back pain has become very common. Young and older adults experience back pain. If you usually experience acute or chronic back pain, you might be looking for a reliable solution that can get rid of the pain. One way to relieve the pain is to lean back and uplift your legs in a recliner. It helps to reduce the pain and off the pressure from your spine.

A recliner is an armchair that is designed to help reduce the back pain. It comes with a motor, heat massage, headrest, back support, footrest, and lumbar support. All these features contribute to relieve the pain and ensure the muscles are well supported. Below are top 5 best recliners for back pain.

Top 5 best recliners for back pain

  1. La-Z-Boy Anderson Reclina Rocker

This is a very big recliner with amazing features. The recliner is effective in reducing back pain and neck pain as well. Some of the top features include leg rests, padded back, and a control handle.

Pros: The recliner is effective and comfortable, affordable, helps to relieve the pain within a short time, and it is washable.

Cons: it might not be durable due to the material used and might not be effective for severe neck and back pain.


  1. Cozzia Dual Power Recliner

If you are looking for a comfortable chair to position your back, this is the best recliner. It helps to get off the pressure and the weight from the back. It has an adjustable footrest, provides heat therapy, and has zero gravity feature.

Pros: alleviate back pain, comfortable for sleeping or office therapy, and it is durable.

Cons: Costly


  1. Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner

It is an excellent looking recliner that is comfortable as well. You can use it at home, in your office or in RV. The recliner has an adjustable head and backrest, made of leather, and has a personalized reclining feature.

Pros: Occupies little space, very compact, it is durable and sturdy, and useful for office and home use.

Cons: the recliner might be expensive for some people.


  1. Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest

Most people understand Shiatsu massage chairs. They are comfortable, productive and equipped to help relieve the pain. It has the heat function that helps to ease the back pain. Some of the best features of this recliner include a control panel, heating options, head, and footrests, and LED digital display.

Pros: It is comfortable, sturdy, useful for entire body health, and helps to relieve joints and muscle pain.

Cons: it is costly and hard to assemble.

  1. Homelegance Glider Reclining chair

This recliner has an American design that looks great and classy. It is among the best reclines due to its durability and high performance. Some of the best features include back and headrest, lumbar support, gliding option, and leather body.

Pros: It is comfortable, helps to relieve joint and back pain, and it is affordable.

Cons: Material used is not durable. Hence, it can wear out very fast.