Best alternatives for cigarette

One of the hardest challenges which a cigarette smoker has to deal with is to quit smoking. Despite constant warnings and reminders, the people who smoke cigarette find it very difficult to quit it. However, quitting smoking is very essential if one wants to live a much healthier and happier life. I know it is quite difficult to quit smoking if one is smoking for years but you need to understand that it is not impossible. If you understand the harmful effects caused by smoking then you can actually quit it without much difficulty. Though it would take some time but with the right approach you would quit smoking in no time. If people want to quit smoking then they should first try to find out some other alternative for it because having an alternative would make quitting a lot easier. The widely followed alternate method is vaping a remedy to stop smoking .Below are few of the best alternatives for cigarette and if you try them then you would definitely quit the habit of smoking:

Sugar free chewing gums

For some of the smokers, a cigarette acts as a pacifier which they require to feel on their lips. It’s not the nicotine which they are addicted to; in fact they like the oral fixation as they like to have something inside their mouth. So, if they chew sugar free chewing gums then this would work wonders for them as it is the best alternative they can have for the harmful cigarettes which they are addicted to. Moreover, chewing gums are great for the teeth and gums and it also balances the mouth’s acidity level.

Flavored toothpicks

The flavored toothpicks also work like the sugar free gums. They give the mouth truly a workout along with satisfying the oral fixation and keeping the teeth clean. These toothpicks are available in various flavors which last for several hours. These are basically designed for curbing the cigarette cravings. Moreover, they are made from bamboo or birch wood so it makes the flavored tooth picks completely organic.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is an excellent substitute for smoking. The best alternatives for cigarette are having dark chocolates as it increases the dopamine levels of the brain, much as the nicotine in the cigarettes. You should know that dopamine causes various feelings such as joy, satisfaction and pleasure. Moreover, it is one of the essential neuro-transmitters in the brain. However, you should never eat excess dark chocolate as it would increase your weight.


Running is considered as an excellent stress buster and it works as one of the best alternatives for cigarette. The people who are smoking cigarettes for years might initially find running difficult as smoking immensely reduces the capacity of lungs along with its function. Therefore, if you are trying to quit smoking then you can slowly increase your running time and eventually you would be able to run like before. Moreover, the endorphins which are released after running elevates the person’s moods along with providing sense of satisfaction. Additionally, we all know the huge benefits of running.